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Gilbert JDJ, Wells A, Simpson SJ. 2016. Skew in ovarian activation depends on domicile size in a facultatively social thrips. bioRxiv, doi:

Peer-reviewed publications

Papers published: 2016

PDF_Symbolnew (1)Santos ESA, Bueno PP, Gilbert JDJ, Machado G. 2016. Macroecology of parental care in arthropods: higher mortality risk leads to higher benefits of offspring protection in tropical climates. Biological Review, online early view (doi: 10.1111/brv.12303)


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pdfOA Gilbert JDJ, Manica A. 2015. The evolution of parental care in insects: a test of current hypotheses. Evolution, 69 (5):1255-1270.


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[Link] Gilbert, JDJ. 2013. The Evolution of Parental Care. Oxford Bibliographies Online: Ecology. Ed. David Gibson. New York: Oxford University Press. Invited contribution.



[Link]  Gilbert, JDJ. 2012. Reproductive Allocation in Animals. In: Oxford Bibliographies Online: Ecology. Ed. David Gibson. New York: Oxford University Press. Invited contribution.

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(Coverage for Vahed et al 2011: Our paper on bushcricket testes was featured in the BBCFox News and many international media, including radio interviews by myself [Radio NZ – link here] and KV [BBC – see link above], was among Biology Letters’ “most read articles”, and featured in The Guardian’s “top scientific discoveries” in 2010.  We even ended up in Bizarre magazine  – PG-rated scan available soon!)

  Gilbert JDJ, Fagan WF. 2011. Contrasting mechanisms of proteomic nitrogen thrift in Prochlorococcus. Molecular Ecology 20(1):92-104. 

(Coverage for Gilbert & Fagan 2011: featured as a “Perspective”; see Bragg, J. 2011. How Prochlorococcus bacteria use nitrogen sparingly in their proteins. Molecular Ecology 20(1):27-28.)

 Vahed, K, Lehmann, G, Gilbert JDJ, Lehmann, A. 2011. Increased copulation duration is associated with larger spermatophores, and male genital titillators, across bushcricket taxa. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 24(9):1960-1968.

(Coverage for Vahed et al 2011:  I was interviewed on Australian radio about our papers on bushcricket titillators and testes – Sydney 2ser, link here)


 Gilbert JDJ, Manica A. 2010. Parental care trade-offs and life history relationships in insects.  American Naturalist, 176(2):212-226

(Coverage for Gilbert & Manica 2010: “recommended” on Faculty 1000 ( and was featured in the UK and international online popular science media (Cambridge NewsAsian Age, Times of and others).
 Gilbert JDJ, Thomas LK, Manica A. 2010. Quantifying the benefits and costs of parental care in assassin bugs.  Ecological Entomology 35(5):639-651.
(Coverage for Gilbert et al 2010: I was interviewed on Australian radio  about our paper on assassin bug parental care – Sydney 2ser, link here).

 Gilbert JDJ, Manica A. 2009. Brood conspicuousness and clutch viability in male-caring assassin bugs (Rhinocoris tristis). Ecological Entomology 34 (2): 176-182.

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Gilbert JDJ. 2001. Callicera aurata in Surrey. Entomologists Monthly Magazine 137:153

Papers in review:

Gilbert JDJ, Gilbert FS. On the evolution of higher taxa via chromosomal reorganization. Submitted to Science.

Papers in prep:

Gilbert JDJ, Simpson SJ. Ecological factors affecting cooperative behaviour of Dunatothrips aneurae (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripinae), a socially plastic species. For subm. to Behav. Ecol.

Gilbert JDJ, Simpson SJ. Nutritional factors affecting cooperative behaviour of Dunatothrips aneurae (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripinae), a socially plastic species. For subm. to Behav. Ecol.

Gilbert JDJ, Manica A. Plant preference, population density and paternal care in assassin bugs. For subm. to Bull. Ent. Res.

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